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3 Arts Club Café: A superb little café in Chicago

This gorgeous café is located in a historic landmark building on Chicago's Gold Coast. It was originally the home of the Three Arts Club of Chicago which was a ladies club in the three arts of drama, music and painting. 🎭🎼🎨This building is a combination of a fancy Restoration Hardware gallery/furniture store and the 3 Arts Club Café itself with another combination of a wine bar, a coffeehouse and an American restaurant.

Overview of the café from the gallery upstairs.

The café does not take reservations and yet there is not a day without a line of people waiting to enter just to wine and dine and enjoy the luxurious furniture inside. Even though they do not take reservations, and waiting time is approximately 45 minutes to an hour, there is a waiting lounge area with a superb ambiance. The seating areas are beautifully furnished living rooms I would say, with plush sofas, tables, a blanket on the side and gorgeous chandeliers. It is designed to feel homey so the wait goes by really fast and you can enjoy the 45 min. with a glass of wine or coffee.🍷☕ Better yet, you can enjoy the rooms filled with luxurious furniture upstairs with your glass of wine. Believe me, if I could afford all the pieces of furniture in the gallery, I would because they are extravagant!

Once you get a text that your table is ready, you can enjoy the view of a high glass window ceiling café with comfortable plush sofas and candle lanterns scattered all over and a beautiful chandelier that dangles above the central fountain. It is an overall great sophisticated ambiance.

The food choices are vast and the portions are big. I strongly recommend to visit this place if you are ever in the Chicago area. So, nonetheless, I decided to take my family friend that was visiting from Macedonia. We ordered the vegetables with dips and a turkey club sandwich and both food choices were delicious. I think we both enjoyed ourselves in that atmosphere because the setting of the café itself is just soothing.

Overall, I would say that it is a little pricey but it is definitely worth visiting if you are ever in Chicago. Once you are finished, you will understand what I mean and why there are so many people every single day of the week that line up so early to get a sofa or a table.

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