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Self-love: Accepting yourself the way you are..

Updated: Apr 13

What is your definition of self-love? Dressing fancy? Being fashionable? Having the perfect summer body? Being skinny? Actually, define skinny for me... What is a perfect summer body?

I am going to be brutally honest with you, IT DOES NOT EXIST.

We live in a world where social media has become the most important part of our day. We see these models and fitness trainers and we admire them so much that we want to become them. We think that the way they dress, the way they act, the body they have is the definition of perfection. But in reality perfection doesn't exit. Yes, it is cliche but literally nobody is perfect. We all have flaws and we all have our perfect imperfections that we need to embrace in order to love ourselves. What is the point of someone loving us when we don't love ourselves and can't stand the way we look.

Let me tell you a little secret...

My definition of self-love is accepting the body that I have at the moment. I struggle with embracing the curves I have each and every morning. Before going to class, before going on a date, even before I go to the pool. Why? Because for me, a perfect body is having a toned peachy booty, zero cellulite, skinny legs, a flat stomach, no boobies, and skinny arms..I lack all of these things. Feeding my mental thoughts with hate has become a habit of mine. Yes, hate is a strong word. I despise my arms, I despise my thighs, I despise my stomach so what do I do every day? I beat myself up and I eat my pain away. Food has become a little getaway for me. I've always tried to lose weight with too many different diets and nothing has worked for me because my mindset is unhealthy. As of now, my fridge has 1L bottles of water, fruits, vegetables and eggs... though I barely eat any of it. Beating down on your mental health and forcing yourself to eat healthy is never going to help you accept yourself. Looking at people on social media will not help you love yourself and embrace the curves you have, or even if you don't have them. Change the way you see your body in the mirror, focus on the amazing functions of it, and develop a positive self-talk. Letting go of the unrealistic image you have of perfection will help you start nurturing and taking care of your body.

So, get out of bed, go put on the shirt you never thought you would wear again because your arms are too fat and go have fun. Boost your self-confidence, love your body because it is crucial for your happiness. Body love is a very long and tough journey when you have been criticizing yourself for a long period of time. Although, it is not something impossible. It does require some patience though..🙄

thunder thighs at its finest

I would love to help you cope with the process and share some eating tips that I just started implementing in my daily routines. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me 😊

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