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COVID-19 Taking Over Our Lives..

Updated: Apr 13

Hi fellow quarantined people,

Apologies for not being active here for quite some time, I miss it plenty and therefore I am back. Nonetheless, since Earth is taking a break from us humans, we now have all the spare time in the world to do things we have always put aside due to time pressure. I know many of you think COVID-19 existing and you being quarantined is the worst thing that could have happen to you but trust me it is definitely not. I also know many of you complain that it is boring if you have nothing else to do other than watch Netflix series. Well guess what? That's false! Therefore, let's challenge each other! Personally, for me it is a challenge to write a blog post every Friday but let's do it!

First and foremost, it is crucial to address your immune system:

-eat healthier options

-be well rested you have nowhere to be at the moment

-take vitamins and minerals such magnesium and vitamin C, D (you name it)


-do a home workout

-stretch every morning

-balance your stress

All the above-portrayed things directly impact your immune system. Literally as one of my friends said the other day, “you don’t catch Corona, Corona catches you!!”

This is the time you become a better version of yourself. We all have time to get things done.

-read a book you have been hesitant to read 📚

-do a chore you have been putting off for long

-clean out your closet, color coordinate it

-start that diet you have wanted to do

-take online piano lessons 🎹

-learn a new language at Duolingo for free

Although, these are not the only things you could do while staying at home.

Primarily there are many websites that allow you to do online courses or get certificates for certain things. For instance, did you know that Google Garage has 126 online courses including data and tech, digital marketing and career development? This non-profit global program consists of digital skills for free. Two of these courses allow you to get a free certificate, one for Fundamentals of Digital Marketing and another one for taking a G Suite exam. Depending on the course, one can take up from 1 to 40 hours.

Did you also know that Facebook has its own digital marketing certificate exam as well? Facebook Blueprint is a completely free training program that teaches you how to advertise on Facebook and Instagram. It has 90 courses that take from 15 to 50 mins and it is super easy to get started since you only need your Facebook log-in to start learning. Moreover, it allows you to boost your CV/Resumés and become a certified professional.

In addition to the above-portrayed options, there are global universities and Ivy League Schools that offer free online courses from programming, to science, to art and design, to history courses, and etc. The Ivy League Schools are the most prestigious colleges in the WORLD that include Brown University, Harvard University, Cornell, Princeton, Dartmouth, Yale, and Columbia Universities, and the University of Pennsylvania. All of these school are listed on the U.S. News and World Report national university rankings in the top fifteen. As of January 2020, they have posted around 450 free online courses.

If you do not wanna be a hotshot and take these outstanding courses, other global universities are also offering 600 free online courses.

Enough of education though...🤚🏻💆🏻‍♀️

Hence the pandemic is taking over our daily routines, many of us are jobless right now. Not all of us have the perks of working our primary jobs from home. Hence, one way to earn some money is to boost your CV/Resumés with skills from those courses and hop on Fiverr and Upwork to find some freelance jobs for yourself. A little extra money never hurt nobody AND you can do that from home on your laptops, from your bed, in your comfy cozy pajamas. Isn’t that astonishing? 💸💵

Therefore, with all this being said, we are all in this together. Help one another, take care of yourself and your loved ones at home. Do not panic! If we listen and take the measures we are supposed to we will be fine. If you are struggling with anxiety and you are frustrated being quarantined talk to someone you trust, open up! Take a great advantage of this time that has been given to us to work on yourself and become a better you. Do not hesitate to contact me for literally anything 😌 Have a blessed day or night people, wherever you are in this world. ❤️🌏

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